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MathsPad on the Ipad

You can use our flash based resources on the ipad if you download a browser called Puffin.

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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

October 2014: New Resources

Solving Quadratics using the Discriminant Sorting Activity

New Post 16 Interactive: Solving Quadratic Equations

How many solutions do these quadratic equations have? Sort them into those that have two solutions, one or none. Is there a quick way of determining how many solutions there will be? Could be used as an introduction to using the discriminant.

Number Facts and Equations Worksheets

Number Facts & Equations

If we know that a + b = 7, what else can we say is true? Can we work out what a + b + 5 would be? Could we describe what 7 - a would equal? These activities are designed to help students think about how to use one fact to deduce another and to help them see the link between number facts taught in primary education and the way we manipulate algebraic equations later on.

Multiplication and Division Starter Activity

New: Multiplication and Division Puzzles

This month we've made some missing number puzzles to help students practise multiplication and division. There are four tasks where students have to put the numbers in the correct places to make the sums true. You can print two to a page and they make a nice starter activity for students to have a go at whilst the class is settling.

Sets and Venn Diagrams Tool

Venn Diagrams and Sets Tool

A tool to help students understand the different regions of a venn diagram. You can click to shade the regions corresponding to, for example, the union of A and B. It is designed so that you can write and draw on the venn diagram to use it for a range of different questions. We've also made a worksheet that could be used to give students extra independent practise.

Rounding using the Number Line

Rounding & the Number Line

We've also been thinking about how to introduce the idea of rounding. Too often students seem entirely baffled by how to round to 1 decimal place, thinking that a number such as 0.45 would round to 5, or 45... This month we tried introducing the idea of finding the numbers it is closest to on the number line... with some success! Here's a worksheet we used as a starter activity, let us know if your students find it helpful!


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