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MathsPad on the Ipad

You can use our flash based resources on the ipad if you download a browser called Puffin.

A great maths book on Amazon:

What Kind of Game is Algebra?

April 2014: GCSE Revision Materials

Interactive Arcs & Sectors GCSE revision test

Arcs & Sectors GCSE Revision Test - Free!

A free, interactive test on calculating the length of arcs in circles and areas of sectors. Designed to help students prepare for their upcoming GCSE exams, but good practise for others years too.

Questions are at levels 9 and 10 - helping students who are aiming to get A/A* grades at GCSE to prepare for questions on this topic.

Vectors Matching Activity

Vectors Matching Activity

A matching activity where students have to decide how to get to various places on the grid by using vectors.

In order to complete the task, students need to add and subtract vectors, understand the meaning of notation such as 1/2 a, and the difference between vectors described as a and -a.

Factorising Quadratics Matching Activity

Factorising Quadratics

A matching activity where students have to match pairs of factors together that multiply to make the quadratic expressions.

Includes a variety of simple quadratics and also some that include coefficients of x squared greater than 1.


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