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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

November 2015: Powers & Multiples

fractional indices worksheet and activity pack

Fractional Indices

This month we've added dozens of new resources to help students learn about fractional indices. This worksheet and activity pack contains matching activities using numbers and algebra, dominoes, a 'find the missing power' worksheet and a short assessment of the topic.

We've also put together a lesson plan for this topic and created an always, sometimes, never extension type of activity to really get students thinking about the effect of fractional powers.

standard form interactive task

Standard Form

We've also put together a lesson plan for standard form, including a new interactive student task that requires students to think about multiplying by powers of 10 as well as converting to standard form, a powers of 10 puzzle, a match three activity and an extension puzzle based around writing the number 1 million in as many different ways as possible.

prime numbers interactive task

Prime Numbers

For younger students we've put together a new interactive student task for practising working with prime numbers. There's also a lesson plan with ideas for getting students to relate prime numbers to the area of rectangles.

interactive multiples game interactive multiples game


We started thinking about multiples with this game where you have to guess two numbers, but you are only allowed six clues about whether the number you have guessed is a multiple of either of the target numbers. It is quite hard, but we do think its possible to win every time! (and we played many times!)

We then moved on to thinking about resources for the lowest common multiple of a pair of large numbers and produced a lesson plan, student interactive task and a set of worksheets to support students trying to understand how the prime factors help us determine the multiples of a number and the least common multiple of a pair.


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