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We are updating our resources to work on the ipad. You can read our latest news on this here.

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March 2015: New Resources

real maths computer programming problem

Mathematics for Computer Programming - Problem #1

Whilst programming a new task on vectors, we came across this mathematical problem. We need the computer to be able to draw lines with arrows on, but to do that we need to be able to work out the co-ordinates of the ends of the arrows.... can you work them out if you only know the endpoints of the line? Can you write a formula that would work for any line we needed to draw? .

Multiplying negative numbers mystery grid puzzles

Multiplying and Dividing Negatives Mystery Grid Puzzles

Our students really enjoy these grid puzzles, where they have to complete a grid of numbers using a set of clues to work out the missing numbers. We've now created some focusing on multiplying and dividing negative numbers.

Equivalent Fractions Puzzle

Equivalent Fractions Puzzle

Can you work out where all the numbers should go to make each of these pairs of fractions equivalent? We think there is only one solution....

Vectors Tool

Vectors Starter Tool

We will be adding to this tool a collection of questions and interactives to help introduce students to the idea of vector notation, both column form and more advanced notations.

Solving Equations

Updated Resources

We've updated a couple of resources this month, including our solving equations matching activity. It is now much more challenging for students as they cannot work out how to match the cards without really reading the cards and working out the answers.

We've also updated our rotational symmetry interactivity so that it works more seamlessly and is ipad ready.


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