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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

June 2015: Graphs & Transformations

graph transformations f(x) + a

Interactive: Discovering Transformations

These interactive tasks are designed for students to explore transforming graphs of functions by calculating and plotting points. We hope they’ll get a real feel for the transformations and reach their own conclusions about the effect on the graphs.

Transformations: y = f(x) + a and y = f(x + a): (** FREE **)

Transformation: y = af(x)

Graph Transformations

Interactive: Describing Transformations

Describe the transformation that maps one function onto another… In this interactive task, students must select the correct transformation and provide a full description.

Graph Transformations

What Happened?

This activity contains two loops, each showing a series of transformations of a particular function. However, some details are missing, such as the names of the new functions, or the details of the transformations that have occured. The missing pieces are provided, which could be given to students after they have had a chance to think about what goes in the empty boxes for themselves.

quadratic graph transformations

Quadratic Transformations

An activity that requires students to work out the equations of a variety of quadrtic graphs that have undergone transformations. The answers are jumbled at the bottom for students to match with.


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