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MathsPad on the Ipad

You can use our flash based resources on the ipad if you download a browser called Puffin.

A great maths book on Amazon:

What Kind of Game is Algebra?

August 2014: New Resources

Back To School Presentation Math Classroom Values

Back to School - Maths Classroom Values Presentation

If you haven't already seen Jo Boaler's new website, youCubed, you might want to have a look through some of her resources. She has recently created a set of back to school resources, including a list of seven key 'norms' or values that she thinks are really important for maths classroms. You can find her explanation of them here, but we have also put together a powerpoint presentation that we intend to use with our students to get the message across.

Volume Starter Activity


Over the holidays we've created a new listing of resources on Volume. We've created a set of free lesson starter questions and updated our exisiting worksheets to make them easier to use and more comprehensive. We hope to add more resources later in the month.

Place Value Cross Numbers

Place Value Cross Numbers

We've created two cross number puzzles that will help students practise multiplying by 10, 100 and 100 and improve their ability to add decimal numbers of different lengths. Could be used as a homework activity - includes answers.


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