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MathsPad on the Ipad

You can use our flash based resources on the ipad if you download a browser called Puffin.

A great maths book on Amazon:

What Kind of Game is Algebra?

September 2014: Sequences

Sequences Interactives

Updated: Sequences Interactives

We have updated our sequences interactives, including a couple of new tools based on the idea of 'shifting times tables' to describe linear sequences, both ascending and descending.

You will also find plenty of other interactive materials for developing understanding of linear sequences, as well as moving students on to quadratic and other sequences.

Sequences - Forwards & Backwards

Sequences - Forwards & Backwards

Two different activities for students to work on in pairs that require them to create their own examples of sequences and work backwards to get back to their partner's original starting point.

The first is on using term-to-term rules to describe sequences and the second focuses on nth term expressions for linear sequences. The tasks are self-checking and self-differentiating, as students can be challenged to choose easier or harder examples. This works very well if you have a perforation device, otherwise, scissors work fine.

nth Term Arithmetic Sequences Activities

nth Term Arithmetic Sequences Activities

Challenge your students with these linear sequences activities, that involve both simple and less simple problems, including decimals, negatives and formulas given in unconventional forms!


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