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May 2015: Surface Area & Volume


Nets - 5 Free Puzzles!

In each of these five problems students must compare a picture of a cuboid and its net in order to work out missing dimensions and surface areas. These puzzles helped some of our students who were struggling to visualise the dimensions of a cuboid that can't be seen from its 3D representation.

There is also a set of matching questions for the IWB in this free surface area starter tool.

surface area interactive task

Surface Area Interactive

A short interactive task where students have to work out the surface area of a set of cuboids, from their 3D diagrams and then their nets.

Surface Area Odd One Out

Surface Area Odd One Out

Two worksheets giving lots of practice at working out the surface area of cuboids. Firstly students must decide which cuboid in each row has a different surface area to the others. The second sheet gets them to think backwards and work out the missing dimensions that make the cuboids have a particular surface area.

surface area assessment

GCSE Volume & Surface Area Assessment/Starter/Homework

A short assessment on volumes and surface areas of cylinders, spheres and cones.


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