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We are updating our resources to work on the ipad. You can read our latest news on this here.

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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

Rounding & Decimals

significant figures venn task


This month we've written a new flipped task on significant figures and an interactive venn diagram task that compares rounding to significant figures with decimal places.

We've also put together a lesson plan and supporting resources for helping students round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This includes a teacher tool for the IWB with prompts and questions to get students thinking about the concept, and a jumbled answers worksheet for practise.

multiplying decimals tool

Multiplying Decimals

We've also put together a lesson plan for multiplying decimals, focusing on the strategy of using one calculation to work out the answers to another. This includes a new tool for the IWB that contains randomised questions and prompts, an updated worksheet on using related calculations, a new interactive (& ipad ready!) task that students could work on at home or in class and, finally, a set of four in a line game boards for lots of practise at multiplying decimals.

surds puzzle

Surds, Indices, Quadratics

For GCSE and A-level students we have put together a new interactive task on the laws of indices, a new flipped task on completing the square and a new puzzle based around simplifying and calculating with surds.


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