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We are updating our resources to work on the ipad. You can read our latest news on this here.

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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

April 2015: New Resources

Ordering Fractions Activities

Ordering Fractions

Can your students put these fractions in order? Can they compare fractions with different denominators? Includes pratice using the inequality symbols.

surds meets pythagoras challenge

Surds Meets Pythagoras Challenge

Whilst working on a vectors task, we encountered these rather remarkable triangles...can you work out what is special about them? Our year 11 students were able to make good use of their knowledge of pythagoras, algebra and surds to solve these problems.

Trigonometry Matching Activities

Trigonometry Matching Activities

A set of four activities where students have to calculate the missing sides and angles in triangles. All the answers are provided, jumbled up, for students to check they are getting the right answers as they go along.


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