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MathsPad on the Ipad

You can use our flash based resources on the ipad if you download a browser called Puffin.

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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

November 2014: Coordinate Geometry

Shapes on Coordinate Grids Problems

Plotting Co-ordinates/Shape Properties

Which of these co-ordinates will make a square? A trapezium? A kite? Plot the points to be sure of your answers..Two worksheets focusing on the properties of shapes. The second activity asks students to think about the missing co-ordinates of squares. Where would the fouth corner be? It becomes progressively more difficult as the squares become tilted, requiring them to think about parallel lines and equal distances.

Rectangle Game

Interactive Rectangle Game (Warning: Highly addictive!)

Challenge your students to think strategically as players take it in turns to plot coordinates with the aim of being the first to plot the four vertices of a given shape. Different versions of the game, with the goal of rectangles, slanted rectangles, parallelograms and rhombii require students to think about parallel and perpendicular gradients and the properties of quadrilaterals.

Midpoints, Gradients and Line Lengths Interactive Task

Midpoints, Gradients and Line Lengths Interactive Tasks

Can you place two points A and B so that they have a given midpoint? ...a given gradient? ...a given line length? How about all three? These interactive tasks are designed to help students think more deeply and flexibly about and beyond the formulas. They are designed for students taking the Core 1 module at A Level but are also accessible to younger students.


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