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We are updating our resources to work on the ipad. You can read our latest news on this here.

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What Kind of Game is Algebra?

Back to School September 2015

back to school name cards 2015

Back to School Name Cards

We hope these puzzle-filled name cards will come in handy both for getting to know the names of the students in your new classes and getting your students warmed up for learning maths after their long holidays!

Print the pages double sided and students can stand them on their desks in the first lessons to help with name learning. You can also download an editable version here (Microsoft Publisher), if you want to customise it.

profile earn badges


From September 2015, we're introducing badges!

When students log back in after the summer, their profile page will now look something like this picture.

Students will automatically be assigned to our Basics Board which includes 19 different badges aimed at students usually aged 9 to 13.

Students can also choose to upgrade to the Intermediate board, which contains 27 badges and is aimed at students usually between the ages of 14 and 16, studying for GCSE or equivalent exams.

To complete a badge students usually have to complete 2 or 3 related tasks, which can be identified by clicking on the badge.

When you create a new class you will be able to choose which board they work on, or you can update a current class from your profile.

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